Method and system for X-ray diffraction measurements using an aligned source and detector rotating around a sample surface

US Patent 7,711,088 (2010) An x-ray diffraction measurement apparatus for measuring a sample, having an x-ray source and detector coupled together in a combination for coordinated rotation around the sample, such that x-ray diffraction data can be taken at multiple phi angles. The apparatus may provide a pole figure representation of crystal orientation of the sample, wherein the pole figure represents the crystal alignment, and a full width half maximum value is calculated from the pole figure for crystal alignment quantification. Data may be taken at discrete positions along a length of the sample, and the sample is in a fixed position during measuring; or data may be taken continuously along a length of the article, as the sample continuously moves along its length in a movement path between the source and detector. The sample may be in the form of a tape, linearly passing through a measurement zone.

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